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    • From Volume to Value

      Project V transforms you from supplier to consultant, bringing higher profits, increased customer loyalty and substantial new opportunities for business growth.

    • From Listen to Lead

      Project V teaches you to open the door and start a conversation with your customers, identify their needs and create compelling IT solutions to meet them.

    • From Guidance to Results

      Project V provides sales and technical training, support for lead generation, digital advertising, email and social media marketing, plus supporting events, seminars and workshops.


    Project V training equips you with the product knowledge and expertise your customers demand and leads to official HPE sales and technical certification.

    • Sales Training

      Transform your sales process from order taking to IT consulting. Identify your customers’ needs and uncover their biggest challenges. The course results in HPE Server, Network and Storage sales certifications.

    • Technical Training

      Become an HPE technical expert. Get advanced technical knowledge of products covering Edge Compute, Hybrid Cloud, Intelligent Flash, Software Defined, AI and XaaS. The course results in HPE ATP, ASE and Products (PC) certifications.



    Choose from a number of different campaign templates for HPE products. Customize the content to suit your needs, launch campaigns and boost sales.

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    It’s not about being left behind, it’s about staying ahead. Your customers are moving from buying features and upgrades to building platforms and experiences. You need to help them do it.